30 Days Psalms I Daily Walk Devotion

Congratulations on Accepting the 30 Day Challenge!

Reading God’s word is the most important thing you can do to grow in your faith. We are going to be reading thru the first 30 chapters of Psalms over the next 30 days. It’s really easy. Start with Psalm 1 on day one and then read one Psalm each day for the next thirty. Follow these steps to success.

Steps to Success:

  1. Start by Reading a Psalm a day: Start with Psalm 1 and read a Psalm a day. You can Turbo Charge It: If you want to turbocharge your reading read 5 psalms a day instead of one and you will finish the whole book of Psalms in 30 days.

  2. Use the Devotion as a companion: This covers the first 30 Psalms. Read one a day to go with the challenge.

  3. Journal your thoughts: Write down what God is showing you

  4. Share Your Journey: Be sure to tell others what God is showing you. Post a verse on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag @dailywalkdevotion. Join our private Facebook community and share your testimonies.

  5. Read the Guide to Deeper Devotions: We have produced a seven-step guide to ensure that you will get the most out of your devotion time. Download it below.

  6. Listen to the Podcasts: Listening to a message on the Psalms can open up a whole world of understanding. Pastor Chuck is teaching through Psalms this summer and will post his messages here for you to enjoy.

Free Resources:

Deeper Devotions (Click Here to download)

Podcasts on Psalms 1-30

  1. Psalm 1
  2. Psalm 2
  3. Psalm 3-7
  4. Psalm 8
  5. Psalm 9-15
  6. Psalm 16-21
  7. Psalm 22
  8. Psalm 23
  9. Psalm 24-25 (Coming Aug 19th)
  10. Psalm 26-29 (Coming Aug 26th)
  11. Psalm 30 (Coming Sept 4th)

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