Avoid the Darkness

by | Feb 8, 2021

Avoid the Darkness I Daily Walk Devotion

Light and darkness are common ways that Hollywood symbolizes good and evil. The good guy wears white while the bad guy wears black. The criminal is always sitting in dark places until the police officer comes in and shines a light on the situation. It is something all of us understand. Jesus tells us to avoid the darkness and walk in the Light.

‭‭John‬ ‭12:35‬

So Jesus said to them, “For a little while longer the Light is among you. Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes.”

Light of the World

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on a similar topic out of 1 John. The principle of light and darkness were important ones for both Jesus and John. Jesus declared in John 8:12 that He was the Light of the World. Here in chapter twelve, He tells them that “for a little while longer the Light is among you.” He refers to His time before His death and that the disciples needed to walk in that light while they had it. Judas didn’t pay attention, but the others did. Straying away from the light allows the darkness to overtake you.

Don’t Dabble Around the Edges

There are a lot of lost Christians on this planet. They have committed their lives to Jesus but have receded into the darkness of their past sins and can’t find their way out. This only leads to hopelessness and despair as shame and guilt overtake them. Moses said in Deuteronomy 4:29 that “if you seek the Lord with all of your heart, you will find Him.” That was after Israel had chased after idols and carved images. The Lord will extend mercy to those who turn back to Him.

Avoid the Darkness

Once Jesus ascended to heaven, and you asked Him into your heart, the Light of World resides inside of you. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you have what is necessary to walk in the light. Avoid the darkness that comes on you when you give in to temptation. Don’t dabble around the edges of the darkness, thinking you can have both. Rush towards the light and bask in its warmth.