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How to Improve Your Daily Devotions

Have you ever wanted to know how to improve your daily devotions? The whole purpose of this website is to encourage and challenge you to a better devotional life. Spending time in God’s word and prayer is essential to our discipleship. It is the bread for our stomach and the light to our path. As we meditate on the scriptures, we grow in our knowledge and understanding. There are several steps you need to take each day to improve. On top of that, there are also multiple tools and resources that can augment your daily devotions.

Step One: Bible Reading Plan

The first step in how to improve your daily devotions is to start a Bible reading plan. Devotions always begin with Scripture. You need to be reading God’s Word on a daily basis. There are several plans out there that can get you started. For the last decade, I have been on the McCheyene reading plan. In it, you read four chapters of the Bible every morning, two in the old testament and two in the new testament. The enables you to read the Bible in a year and gives you a breadth of scripture each day. I suggest you download the Bible App. It is one of the most downloaded apps of all time, and best of all it is free. It has almost every Bible translation and thousands of devotionals plans. You can also download our app which gives you a reading plan, the daily walk devotion, and podcasts. The key is to commit to reading the Bible on a daily basis.

Step Two: Prayer

The second step in how to improve your daily devotions is to spend time in prayer. Prayer is simply talking to God as you would anybody else.  You don’t have to be polished in your speech. In fact, Jesus commended the Tax Collector for his simple heart-wrenching prayer over the Pharisee who used religious words. Spend time in your devotions praying. Start with worship. Tell God how wonderful he is. Use the Psalms to help you out. King David was a great example. Next, confess your sins. We sin each day, and we need to consecrate ourselves (get clean). List them out and ask for forgiveness. The third step in prayer is thanksgiving. Thank God for all that he has done for you. Thank him for forgiving you, for his grace to save you, and for his provision. The final step in prayer is your needs, always make this last. List them out and

Step Three: Journal

The final step in how to improve your daily devotions is to journal. Write down what you are reading and how it ministers to you. It took me a long time to start journaling, but the Daily Walk Devotion sprung out of the journaling of my devotion times. I use Evernote to copy the scriptures that spoke to me that day, and then I write a short reflection based on one of those scriptures and finished by writing out my prayer requests. Doing this got me through a tough time in my ministry. I encourage you to start journaling. Keep it simple and pour out your heart into it. Over time you will see how faithful God was to you.

Step Four: Be Consistent

Find a consistent time and place to do your devotions. If you are a morning person find a quiet place in your house and get a cup of coffee or tea and pull out your Bible. Do it every morning, first thing. If you’re not a morning person, then do it in your car at lunchtime so you can be alone or at night right before you go to sleep. The key is that you do it in the same place at the same time. It will become a routine. If you don’t, you will find that you are missing your devotions more than not.


Below are some tools and resources that can add to your daily devotions:

Bible Gateway: This is the site we use to link all of our scripture too. It has a ton of resources that can help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Enduring Word: This is a free commentary on the whole Bible. My friend David Guzik has written it, and I suggest you bookmark it. It will help explain all the difficult parts of the Bible

Evernote: Linked this above but it is the best online note taking app in the world, and it is free.

Bible App: Once again this is the most downloaded Bible app in the world. It is a must have

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