Become Like a Child

by | Jan 18, 2022

Become Like a Child I Daily Walk Devotion

Sometimes I look at the lives of my children, and I envy them. They are carefree, and having fun is always at the top of the list. I’m usually awoken out of that daze by some drama or problem they bring home from school, and I remember why I am thankful I am an adult. Jesus tells us that if we are going to follow Him, we need to become like a child.

‭‭LUKE‬ ‭22:26

“But it is not this way with you, but the one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like the servant.”

Turned Upside Down

Jesus had a way of flipping everything common belief on its head. The greatest in His day were those who had crowds who followed them. They reveled in having others serve them and the downtrodden coming to them for charity. Jesus flips this upside down by saying if you are going to follow Him, you need to be like a child and take the position of a servant. Serving others was repugnant to the religious and political leaders. A sign of influence was how many servants you had in your house.

Innocence and Trust

A child is innocent and easily believes what he is told. Jesus likened our faith to a child because He wants us to have faith like a child. Children put their complete trust in those whom they believe. They don’t judge and are quick to love. If you are going to follow Jesus, you can’t be critical or cynical. You have to put your full trust in Him.

Become Like a Child

Jesus also told his followers to become servants. Most servants were slaves and treated as second-class citizens, property of their owners. To lower yourself to that level was humiliating. Jesus tells us that is the posture He expects. Give yourself in the service of others. You won’t regret it. While it will take a step of humility, after that, you will see a whole other level of God’s blessing.