Beware of a Closed Mind

by | May 17, 2018

Beware of a Closed Mind I Daily Walk Devotion

Beware of a Closed Mind. We run into trouble when we only see things our way. If all we care about is our opinions and close our minds to what others have to say we can miss what God is trying to tell us. Be careful if you have friends who fall into this category. They can be emotional bullies and will try to railroad you into their beliefs. A closed mind always leads to defeat.

Job 17:4-5

You have closed their minds to understanding; therefore you will not let them triumph. If anyone denounces their friends for reward, the eyes of their children will fail.

Know the Struggle

Few people have suffered like Job did. Pour on top of that his friends coming to him and blaming him for everything. Imagine having to mourn the loss of everything you have, suffering through painful sores, a wife that tells you to curse God and die, and after all of that having to listen to your close friends point out all of your faults. You could imagine why Job is struggling.

Remain Faithful

Job points out something that is very important. He knows he didn’t deserve these trials and he is still faithful to God. What he has during these troubles is an insight into how God operates. He sees that God has closed his friend’s minds to understanding. He also understands that God deals with people on his terms.

A Discerning Mind

We can also be too open-minded to people. The trapĀ is to accept what everyone believes and be tolerant of every idea. What we need is a discerning mind. That is a mind that is grounded in the Word of God and is sensitive to the Holy Spirit when it comes to wrong thinking and false doctrine. A discerningĀ mind will treat others with respect but will not buy into their beliefs. It gives us the ability to listen but at the end stand firm and reject it. Beware of a closed mind and seek God to provide you with a discerning one.