Boast In the Lord

by | Jul 19, 2022

Boast in the Lord I Daily Walk Devotion

Watching my children play basketball, I am surprised by some of the players’ bravado. They make a simple shot and have to motion to the bench and bleachers to show how good they are. You could blame the pros for the kids imitating them, but that is too easy. It is in our human nature to brag about ourselves. As a follower of Jesus, we need to Boast in the Lord.

‭‭2 CORINTHIANS‬ ‭10:17-18

“But HE WHO BOASTS IS TO BOAST IN THE LORD. For it is not he who commends himself that is approved, but he whom the Lord commends.”

Vain to the Bone

The Corinthians were full of themselves and would often tell people about it. The culture was vain, with physical appearance and wealth more important than character or integrity. Unfortunately, this carried into the church, and they were constantly criticizing Paul for his unsightly looks and boring speaking skills. They boasted about how their appearances made them better than Paul. Then he let them have it. He tells them he could brag about all he has done and endured, but he chooses to boast of what the Lord has done.

Don’t Believe the Lie

One of the traps Christians fall into is thinking no one appreciates what they do. This leads to self-pity. To correct this, they start to tell everyone about what they have accomplished. They become satisfied with likes on social media or trite compliments from acquaintances when the Creator of the Universe has been pleased all along. He knows what you have done, aHe will remember on judgment day.

Boast In the Lord

Boast in the Lord. Tell others what Jesus has done in your heart and how He has used you. People love a good testimony. Give credit where credit is due. It is the Spirit empowering you to do the work you are doing. Start the day thanking Jesus and give Him praise throughout. Be quick to boast in the Lord when people ask you where you get your peace and joy.