Book Review Replicate

by | Aug 8, 2020


From time to time I like to recommend a book or resource that I believe can help you in your walk with Jesus Christ. This is the case for “Replicate” by Robby Gallaty and Chris Swain. Jesus’ last command to the church was to “Go and make disciples, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” (Matt 28:19 I wrote a devotion here) Discipleship is the mission of the church. We are to go and make disciples. The book “Replicate” lays out all of the reasons why you and your church should be doing it and a simple plan on how to implement it.

You don’t need to be a pastor or have gone to Bible College to be a disciple maker. Just grab three young Christians and commit to meeting once a week for a year. In those meetings spend time getting to know one another, memorizing scripture, reading the Bible, holding one another accountable, and praying for each other. That is the thrust of Replicate. We don’t have to over complicate the issue. What you will find over that year is that all of you will grow in your love for Jesus and one another. You will also grow in your knowledge of the Word of God.

The church has long focused on salvations, baptisms, and programs and forgotten the main purpose, to make disciples. When you make disciples you will build a church. That church will be packed with mature believers who love the teaching of the Bible and are ready to serve. If you focus on building the church by getting more people, bigger buildings and, more programs you will often produce consumers instead of disciples.

I recommend that you pick up a copy of this book and start to implement it in your church or your home. They also have companion journals here that aid in the process. Some other books I have read recently that I recommend is The Secret of Christian Joy by Vance Havner and The Voice of the Prophet by AW Tozer. Both will challenge you and increase your desire for revival in the church.