How to Live a Happy Life

by | Jun 15, 2022

How to Live a Happy Life I Daily Walk Devotion

Do you remember the song “Don’t worry, be happy?” It was part of a soundtrack for a movie in the 80s. It caught on, and people used to sing it to themselves as a reminder not to worry so much. Everyone wants to know how to live a happy life. The Bible doesn’t use the word happy, but it does use the word blessed which means the same thing. In several places, in Scripture, we see how to live a happy life. Today’s devotion gives you the keys to that.

Psalms‬ ‭146:5

“Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God,”

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Everyone is in a frantic search for happiness. People will try almost anything to see if it brings that elusive feeling. Science backs this up. They say that laughter is indeed good medicine. When we laugh, our brain releases chemicals that cause the body to relax. This, in turn, has a calming effect on those areas in which we are experiencing pain. Unfortunately, adults don’t laugh enough. Studies show that adults chuckle, which is barely a laugh, on average, only 15 times a day. In contrast, children laugh over fifty times.

Fully Trust in the Lord

The Bible gives us the key to happiness. The Psalmist tells us the person who is most happy is the one who has put their complete trust in the Lord. That means we look to God for all of our help, and our hope is entirely in him. Do you know what I’ve found? When I give things over to God and let him take care of them, I don’t worry nearly as much, and I laugh a lot more. When I want to control things, I am tense, and no one wants to be around me.

How to Live a Happy Life

Take a step toward happiness today and cast all of your cares on the Lord. He cares for you in a way no one else can, and he can handle anything that comes our way. Start by making a list of your current worries. Then, one by one, pray over them. Then ask God to take them from you and take them off of your mind. You will find that he will, and you will go about the rest of your day with fewer worries. When those worries do crop up put your hope in the Lord and trust that he is working on it. You will find that happiness will be much more evident when you do.