Motivated to Change

by | Aug 15, 2018

Motivated to Change I Daily Walk Devotion

What is your biggest fear? Is it spiders or snakes? Or is it speaking in front of people or confrontation? Fear motivates us for the good or the bad. If we see someone we don’t want to talk to we will trip over everything to avoid them. If we run into a spider, we might freeze or scream. Fear can be used for our benefit. Many of us are motivated to change when fear strikes.

Deuteronomy‬ ‭5:29‬

If only they had such a heart to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that they and their children would prosper forever.”

Proper Motivation

Israel wouldn’t come near the mountain where God was. They used Moses as an intermediary. They were afraid of God and didn’t want to go near Him for fear of death. God recognizes this and only wishes this fear would cause them to obey Him. Unfortunately, they weren’t motivated to change in that way. If it would’ve, they would’ve prospered for generations.

Healthy Fear

There is a healthy and unhealthy fear. Unhealthy fear causes a person to run and hide. Healthy fear causes a person to act. God desires that we fear him. That means we have such reverence for him that we want to obey and please him. Many live with the unhealthy fear that God is unhappy with us and is going to condemn us for our sin. The opposite is true. He is gracious and loving hoping that we would come to him for restoration. Live with a healthy fear of God. Live in such a way that you know you are loved by him but that he is an almighty God who holds the universe in his hand.


We can be motivated to change for the good when we understand that God is is both a mighty God and a loving one too. Our obedience to him should be based on our love for him. When we are motivated to change that way we will see our lives begin to improve and prosper.