Open Your Home

by | Jul 6, 2021

Open Your Home I Daily Walk Devotion

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law love to have people over to their home. Whether it be an elaborate party, family bbq, or spontaneous visit, they are always open. Every time you leave their home, you feel better. They have the gift of hospitality, but they exercise it, and God does the rest. Open your home, and the same will happen.

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:9

“Be hospitable to one another without complaint.”

A Lost Art

Hospitality is becoming a lost art. Even though you hear people talk about entertaining on all of the home shows on TV, very few people know how to be hospitable. Entertaining is throwing a party. Hospitality is hosting someone in your home with the love of Jesus Christ. In Old Testament times, sojourners would enter the town square, usually by a well, and wait until someone from the town would come out and offer them shelter and food for their animals. It was required and considered a shame if no one offered. Things had changed a bit in New Testament times, but it was still considered a great honor to have people into your home for a meal and time of fellowship.

Caring for Others Needs

Today, people look at their homes as a sanctuary to avoid people. No one knocks on people’s doors, neighbors don’t drop by and visit, and if it is unavoidable where we have to host someone, we complain the whole time. Peter tells Christians to be hospitable and to do it without complaining. We are to show and share the love of Jesus by using our home. Hospitality is more than entertaining others. It is caring for their needs and making them feel loved.

Open Your Home

The church is missing a vital tool by not utilizing hospitality. It causes isolation in the congregation and furthers the loneliness people are feeling. The Bible is clear that it needs to be modeled by the Elders of the church (1 Tim 3) and practiced by everyone. It is an inconvenience initially, but the reward of doing it so much more significant. If you are hesitant to host people at your home, start by taking them out for a meal. Show the love of Jesus in a tangible way and see how God uses it.