Praise the Lord

by | Jun 14, 2021

Praise the Lord I Daily Walk Devotion

I’ve been to some of the poorest parts of the world, places where I make more in one day than they make in one year. I’ve been to churches that consist of four walls, a roof, and dusty floors with no electricity or water. It is in these places where I have found the richest and most powerful praise and worship. They praise the Lord with all of their heart.

‭‭PSALMS‬ ‭135:3‬

“Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; Sing praises to His name, for it is lovely.”

Prepare Your Mind

When you come into the house of the Lord, you need to be ready to praise Him. Even before you leave your house, you need to prepare your mind and heart to give Jesus all the glory. This is the model that David get forth in the Psalms, and it should continue today. Worshipping the Lord is more than singing, but if you can’t sing praises to Him in a church surrounded by people doing the same thing, then you probably aren’t worshipping Him anywhere else.

Lift Your Voice

To praise means to glorify by lifting one’s voice, to sing, or shout. I am a staunch believer that you can’t praise the Lord with your mouth closed. Your praise needs to be vocal and joyful because Jesus has done so much for you. David said to enter His gates with thanksgiving and HIs courts with praise. The least you can do is lift your voice once a week to worship Him.

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord with all of your heart. Please don’t make it about your voice or the music. Jesus deserves everything you can give Him, and so enter into His presence by giving Him all of the glory. As you do, you will discover that the weight of the world will fall off of your shoulders. That is why David said, “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”