Sing of the Lords Lovingkindness

by | Feb 23, 2022

Sing of the Lords Lovingkindness I Daily Walk Devotion

There is nothing better than going to church on Sunday, worshipping the Lord, and being taught His Word. Surrounded by His people and in the presence of the Holy Spirit can make you feel closer to Jesus than any other time. King David knew this from an early age. He experienced the lovingkindness of the Lord out in the fields as a shepherd and the halls of a king’s palace. Sing of the Lords lovingkindness.

‭‭PSALMS‬ ‭89:2

“For I have said, “Lovingkindness will be built up forever; In the heavens You will establish Your faithfulness.”

Strong and Heartfelt

David loved to sing of the Lord’s lovingkindness. Many psalms are expressions of David’s gratefulness. We get some of the Bible’s most descriptive language from his songs. These were all an expression of what was gushing out of his heart. Not bad from one of Israel’s toughest warriors. It shows you can be both strong and heartfelt in serving the Lord.

Put Yourself Out There

Do you have trouble thanking the Lord for his steadfast love for you? Many Christians don’t want to put themselves out there, and nothing does that more than singing the praises of the Almighty God. Yet David never struggled giving glory to the Lord. He wasn’t going through the motions. From a young age, David had seen God’s faithfulness, and it molded and shaped him as an adult. Cultivating a heart that praises the Lord takes remembering what He has done for you.

Sing of the Lords Lovingkindness

One day you will be in the presence of the Lord. You will be surrounded by His lovingkindness and see His faithfulness established for eternity. You will have no trouble praising the Lord then. Ask yourself this question, “Why miss out on a slice of heaven right now by holding back your praise?” You can enter through the gates of thanksgiving and into the courts of praise by lifting your voice to the Lord.