The God Who Works Wonders

by | Dec 29, 2021

The God Who Works Wonders I Daily Walk Devotion

Have you heard of the seven wonders of the world? There are two classifications, ancient and modern. The world’s modern wonders include the Great Wall of China, the ancient city of Petra, and the Colosseum in Rome. Millions of tourists visit these attractions each year. Did you know that you follow the God who works wonders? There are no other gods like Him.

‭‭PSALMS‬ ‭77:13-14

“Your way, O God, is holy; What god is great like our God? You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples.”

His Way is Perfect

Our God is holy, mighty, and works wonders. He makes His strength known by working wonders among His people. There are no other gods like Him. As a follower of Jesus, you can put your complete trust in Him because He is both holy and strong. You can trust His word because His way is perfect, and you can rest in His power because He will protect you. No one can separate you from His love.

No other gods like Him

If you look at all of the other religions in the world, you will find stories of miracles that happened to their founder, but none of the gods perform wonders. The God of Christianity consistently does miraculous acts from the beginning of time until now. This shows that the other religions are devoid of power. They may promise you serenity on earth or great treasures in the afterlife, but they offer nothing else. Scholars will tell you that all roads lead to heaven, but if their god doesn’t exhibit the strength and wonders that Jesus does, then you are on the wrong path?

The God Who Works Wonders

You can’t go wrong choosing to walk in the ways of the Lord. His ways are holy, and He will not lead you astray. You discover His ways by reading God’s word and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t wander off the path and do your own thing. Instead, trust in His word, rely upon His strength. Over time, as you remain faithful, you will see the God who works wonders work in your life.