This is Not Our Home

by | Apr 8, 2021

This Is Not Our Home I Daily Walk Devotion

Several years ago, we sold our home and moved to another city close to the school our children would be attending. We moved into a smaller home while waiting to purchase a bigger home and a more desired neighborhood. The housing market exploded, prices went up, and we are still in that small house. It hasn’t been bad, but it is not our final destination. As Christians living in this world, we need to remember this is not our home.

‭‭Revelation‬ ‭14:14

“Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man, having a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand.”

The End is In Sight

As you get closer to the end of the book of Revelation, you can see the finish line. The judgments are coming to an end, the time of tribulation is ending, and the Son of God is becoming more evident. The time for Jesus to take His throne in Jerusalem for the millennial reign is getting close. Satan, his demons, and all of mankind that rejected God will soon be judged, and the church will come and rule and reign with Christ. It will be a glorious day when Jesus comes on His white horse and defeats the armies of the world.

Beginning of the Birth Pangs

Don’t let yourself get turned off by end times prophecy. You can fall so in love with the world that you forget it is temporary. Eternity is on the horizon, and you should never lose your focus. This world will only get worse before Jesus returns. I believe we are in the phase called the birth pangs. It is only a matter of time before the second coming of Christ.

This is Not Our Home

Are you ready for Christ’s return? Are you looking to the clouds? As Christians, we need to be about the work God has given us, but at the same time, we need to be yearning for His return. Our hearts should be homesick for eternity in heaven. Our prayer should be, “Lord, come quickly.” This earth is our temporary home, and we should be longing for our permanent one.