Walk in Victory

by | Oct 2, 2019

Walk in Victory I Daily Walk Devotion

Have you ever noticed the difference in body language between a team that wins and one that loses? For those who just won their heads are lifted high, and there is a bounce in their step. For those who lost they’re hanging their heads and dragging their feet. Many Christians are walking around with their heads hanging low when they could walk in victory. Isaiah shows that God is our defense.

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:17

No weapon formed against you will succeed, and you will refute any accusation raised against you in court. This is the heritage of the Lord’s servants, and their vindication is from me.” This is the Lord’s declaration.”

God is Your Defense

Israel went back to Jerusalem defenseless. They had no army and moved back to a city with broken walls. It would be understandable if they were fearful of their enemies. God sees that before they get there and lets them know that He will be their defense. Verse 17 is a famous scripture. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Whatever Satan brings will be defeated. Do you live with that assurance today?

Know the Enemies Tactics

Satan’s two biggest weapons are doubt and discouragement. If he can get you to worry about how he will attack you, then he has won the victory. If he can bring accusations about you that discourage you, he knows that you have been rendered ineffective for the Gospel. Are you struggling with doubt and discouragement? We need to remember that nothing; Satan does will succeed against us. We can refute an accusation and vindication will come from the Lord. Trust in Him today.

Walk in Victory

Stand on God’s Word today. Stop being beat down by the attacks of the enemy. Break free from those chains of anxiety and fear. The Lord is your defense. Walk in confidence knowing that He is your God and He will protect you. There is power in Jesus name! Cry out to Him, and He will hear your call. You can walk in freedom and victory.

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