Wholeheartedly Devoted

by | Nov 4, 2021

Wholeheartedly Devoted I Daily Walk Devotion

Elections can bring about the worst in people. Candidates exaggerate how good they are and tell lies about their opponents. When a candidate wins, they think it is because they are the better person. This can go to their head and cause significant issues down the line. As Christians, we need to be different. The Lord is looking for those wholeheartedly devoted to Him so that He can show His strength.

‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭16:9

“For the eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth to show himself strong for those who are wholeheartedly devoted to him. You have been foolish in this matter. Therefore, you will have wars from now on.”

Arrogant & Lacking

King Asa was one of the worst kings in Israel’s history, if not the worst. He was cruel and refused to acknowledge or follow the Lord. Instead, he looked to the armies of Syria and Ethiopia. When the prophet Hanani came to him and gave this message, Asa locked him up and cruelly treated the people. God had judged the king and found him foolish and lacking strength in his dependence on others instead of the Lord. Because of that, Asa would know wars for the rest of his life.

Heed the Warning

What a sad commentary. Asa was so full of pride that he couldn’t listen to a word from the Lord. It is easy to fall into that trap. When you think you know better than others, you close yourself to listening to wisdom. Many potential great leaders have fallen before they got to the top because of their arrogance. God gives readers this warning through the life of Asa.

Wholeheartedly Devoted

Learn to be humble and meek. Meekness isn’t weakness. It’s power under control. When a leader is humble and meek, they are capable of bringing about significant change. Sadly, too many leaders are consumed with how great they are. Humble leaders lift others up, and meek leaders can take criticism and not overreact. We need more leaders like this in the church.