Abounding in Faithful Love

by | Jul 12, 2018

Abounding in Faithful Love I Daily Walk Devotion

You can live abounding in faithful love even if you are in the midst of the wilderness. Israel wandered the desert for forty years, but God’s steadfast love never left them. They endured their bumps in the road, but God’s love for them never departed. He wants you to know that no matter where you are at in your life you can live in his abounding love.

Numbers 14:18 CSB

“The Lord is slow to anger and abounding in faithful love, forgiving iniquity and rebellion. But he will not leave the guilty unpunished, bringing the consequences of the fathers’ iniquity on the children to the third and fourth generation.”

Cloud of Judgment

Many people live with the thought that God is watching from above waiting for them to get out of line. Once they do, he zaps them with his judgment. This only produces fear and prevents the believer from living the life God intended for them. In reality, God is very loving and patient with you. He is quick to forgive your sin and is slow to anger.

Overflowing Love

The key to this whole passage is that God is abounding in faithful love. Abounding means to overflow to the point where you can’t contain it anymore. God’s love is more than you can handle. It is also unconditional and faithful. He is not going to abandon you if you blow it. He is going to remain steadfast through everything in your life. Live with an abounding love mentality and then turn around and show it to others.

Stop the Rebellion

That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t deal with our sin. He doesn’t leave the guilty unpunished. If you continue on a path of rebellion, he will deal with it. When God does, you need to have an attitude of repentance. If you have sinned, own it, confess it and then move on. Continuing in rebellion will only cause long-term damage to you and your family.

Gracious and Faithful

Overall God is gracious and faithful to you.  

He wants you to know that he prefers to be abounding in faithful love instead of a disciplinarian. Stop looking over your shoulder thinking God is going to get you. If you need to, get right with God so you can walk free of guilt and worry. Break free of the fear of consequences and live in his overflowing love.

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