Be Ready to Confess Your Faith

by | Oct 23, 2020

Be Ready to Confess Your Faith I Daily Walk Devotion

Politicians like to trumpet what the polls say, but there is a problem, it has been found that most people aren’t honest. They tell the pollsters what they think they want to hear. The same can be said for Christians. They often don’t tell their true feelings but morph into the settings they are in. Jesus tells us to be ready to confess your faith.

‭Luke‬ ‭12:8

“And I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before men, the Son of Man will confess him also before the angels of God;”

Get Out of the None Category

The number of people confessing Jesus as their savior is dwindling. People are trying to equate “hate” with Christians because they oppose homosexuality and abortions. So to prevent any attack, people are claiming up and not saying anything. George Gallup surveyed people in the United States, and the number of people who would check the box that says “none” when it comes to religious affiliation has gone through the roof. People aren’t confessing their faith before men today.

Don’t Be Denied

Jesus is talking into His group of followers when He says these words. They are facing resistance from their families and those in the synagogues. There is a special reward for those who face persecution and stand firm in their faith. If they confess their belief in Jesus, He will confess them before God. If they don’t confess Jesus, He will deny them before His Father. This can leave those lukewarm Christians between a rock and a hard place.

Be Ready to Confess Your Faith

Make a choice what you are going to stand for. If you believe in Jesus, then live it out loud. Don’t be obnoxious but leave no doubt in those who contact you in regards to your faith. When people challenge, you stand firm. You don’t have to win the argument or have the perfect comeback to their insult, but don’t cave. When you stand before Jesus at the final judgment, you will hear those all-important words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”