Choose to Serve

by | Mar 25, 2019

Choose to Serve I Daily Walk Devotion

In the movie Maid in Manhattan, there is a butler who comes from a long line of men who have chosen to be butlers. His family considered it an honor and calling to serve some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world. He took great pride in his work and held himself to a high standard. The Apostle Paul could’ve done anything he wanted, but he chose to serve so that people would come to Christ. Choose to serve Jesus in your life.

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭9:19

“Although I am free from all and not anyone’s slave, I have made myself a slave to everyone, in order to win more people.”

For the Gospel’s Sake

Some scholars say that half of the population in the Roman empire were slaves. It was a little different back then from what we know. Very few were people who were captured and put into forced work. Most were poor people who became indentured servants to the wealthy. They chose to become part of the household. Paul was a free man and not bound to anyone yet he makes him a slave to Christ for the Gospel’s sake.

More Hope in Jesus

When we are a slave to someone, our life is not our own. We are at our master’s every whim. There is no choice in what we do, and we own nothing. Essentially we are like any other property our owner possess. Often life is cruel for slaves with little to no hope of escaping.

March Madness Sale I Daily Walk Devotion

That is not the case when Paul talks about choosing to be a slave for Christ. As a servant of Christ, we are willingly committed to fulfilling the Great Commission to preach the Gospel. As an owner, Jesus adopts us as his sons and daughters, and we become heirs. There is more freedom in serving Christ than in any other profession. The commitment in our heart grows stronger the longer we serve him. Choose to serve Jesus today. When you do, you will discover a whole new calling in life.

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