Filled with Compassion

by | Mar 22, 2019

Filled with Compassion I Daily Walk Devotion

Imagine what it was like for Jesus. Everywhere he went large crowds followed him. They pushed their way to get close to him in hopes he would heal them. After a while, the average human would tire of the constant pressure which is why Jesus often got away to pray. When he encountered the people, he was filled with compassion because they looked like lost sheep.

‭‭Mark‬ ‭6:34‬

“When he went ashore, he saw a large crowd and had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. Then he began to teach them many things.”

Ineffective Shepherds

If you read any of the major or minor prophets, you will undoubtedly come across prophecies condemning the priests of Israel for leading people astray. After the Jews came back from Babylon, they were more strict in following the law which created the Pharisees. Sadly when Jesus enters the picture, the people of Israel are still lost because of poor spiritual leadership. It shows you that being either too lax or too strict will end up with the same result, lost sheep.

Filled with Compassion

Jesus was filled with compassion for the common people. He never argued with them but instead taught them. Jesus is known for his love for the lost and the hurting, but in reality, he has compassion for everyone because he sees our heart and knows that we are lost too. Everywhere Jesus went desperate people greeted him. He showed his compassion by teaching and ministering to the masses. He is filled with compassion for you today and wants you to get closer to him.

While Jesus healed people and cast out demons, it wasn’t his primary objective. He came to preach the Gospel and to teach us the way to follow him. Many people who attend church every Sunday are like this group seeking Jesus. They are lost because their shepherd hasn’t taught them the Word of God. They desperately want to be close to him, but there is no light for their path or a lamp for their feet. Make sure your pastor is teaching you the Bible every Sunday.

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