Do You Live in a Blessed Dwelling?

by | Sep 14, 2021

Do You Live in a Blessed Dwelling? I Daily Walk Devotion

Every person’s home is a special place. It is where you make your life and find your rest. It doesn’t matter if it is a shack in a ghetto or a mansion on a hill. What is in that home will determine if it is blessed or not. God wants your home to be a blessed place filled with His Spirit. Do you live in a blessed dwelling?

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:33

“The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked, But He blesses the dwelling of the righteous.”

Blessed vs. Cursed

Solomon makes a clear distinction between wicked and righteousness in Proverbs. Those who are righteous are blessed, and those who are wicked are cursed. In this verse, he brings it into the home. To those who practice wickedness, the curse of the Lord will rest on their house. This means that all kinds of bad things are going to be heaped on that home. Contrast that with the righteous house. It will be showered with His blessings. It is easy to see how this plays out in real life.

An Attitude of Selfishness

The wicked person brings anger and anxiety wherever he goes because all of his actions are based on selfishness. They are consumed with getting what is theirs, often at the expense of others. When they bring that attitude into the home, it impacts everyone who lives there. God doesn’t like pride or selfishness and deals with it accordingly. Unfortunately, that has an impact on the home and those who live there.

Do You Live in a Blessed Dwelling?

To the person who does the right thing, God showers their home with blessings. Doing the right thing starts with making Jesus the center of your life, trusting Him for what you need, and relying on Him when you are uncertain. Then it goes to being obedient to His Word. God sees this “righteous” behavior and honors it by blessing not only the person but the whole household. There is provision and protection along with a sense of peace that rests upon the home. Do you live in a blessed dwelling?