The Curse is Gone

by | Apr 30, 2021

The Curse is Gone I Daily Walk Devotion

When Adam and Eve committed the first sin, it brought a curse upon the earth. That curse was that sin came with a price tag of death. Since all of us are born into sin, that curse is transferred to us. The only thing that can remove that curse is a perfect sacrifice that appeases God’s wrath. Jesus was that sacrifice, and the curse was removed when we put our faith in Him. In Heaven, the curse will be gone forever.

‭‭Revelation‬ ‭22:3-4

“There will no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and His bond-servants will serve Him; they will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads.”

The Lamb Upon the Throne

Sin brought with a curse. That curse was death, along with all of the pain and sorrow that comes along with it. That will all be removed when we get to Heaven. Jesus will be on the throne. The Apostle John refers to Him as the Lamb of God. That is appropriate because Jesus made the necessary sacrifices to be in that place. He has removed the curse by defeating death and now holds all of the authority given to Him by His Father. That throne room is going to be a glorious place where you will freely worship Him.

Our Role in Heaven

Our role will be as servants. This may sound arduous, but it isn’t. It will be a blessing for everyone who is there. Just being in the presence of Jesus is going to be everything we need. Our gratefulness for being saved by Him will fill our hearts, and we will want to do anything He asks of us. On top of that, His name will be on our foreheads, which means we will be His children forever, and that feeling of being His will powerful. We are no longer lost and wandering but where we should be.

The Curse is Gone

Heaven isn’t going to be a place where you wear a toga, sit on a cloud, and strum a harp. It is going to be what God intended when he first created the earth. We will work but without weariness or worry. We will worship because our hearts can’t contain it. It will be absolute perfection, and we won’t be able to get enough of it.