Enter Through the Narrow Door

by | May 7, 2019

Enter Through the Narrow Door I Daily Walk Devotion

If you travel through Europe, you will come to some ancient buildings that were built centuries ago. It is incredible to see the craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Upon entering these buildings or houses, you will notice that people were of smaller stature back in those days. The doors and gate are much shorter and narrower than what is common today. Sometimes you have to squeeze sideways to get in. This is the picture that Jesus gives us today. Enter through the narrow door.

‭‭Luke‬ ‭13:24

Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because I tell you, many will try to enter and won’t be able

Enter Through the Narrow Door

Narrow is the door to Salvation and wide is the path to destruction (Matt 7:13-14). People were asking Jesus if everyone will be saved. In church terms that is called universalism. It means God is so loving that he won’t let everyone perish but will let everyone into heaven. Jesus counters that argument by saying that very few will enter heaven. He uses the picture of a narrow door to say that it is for the dedicated few.

Have You Listened to Daily Walk on Alexa?

If you read further down in Luke 13, you will see Jesus talk about those who did good deeds and went to church not getting into heaven. On the outside, they appeared to be religious, but their hearts were far from God. This is the danger all of us run into. It is very easy to keep up appearances while at the same time have a drifting heart. Discipleship is the narrow door we have to walk through. A Disciple is one who walks in the footsteps of a master. We are to live our lives walking in the steps of Jesus Christ.

Choose the Right Path

You will hear people tell you that all roads lead to heaven. Don’t believe it for one second. Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one gets into heaven except through him. If you think you can combine all of these different religions and everything will work out, you will be in for a surprise. You will be pounding on the door once it is closed, and God will say “Depart from Me I never knew you.” Don’t run that risk today, enter through the narrow door.

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