If You Seek the Lord He Will Be Found

by | Jan 22, 2020

If You Seek the Lord He Will Be Found I Daily Walk Devotion

As our children get older, their attitudes change. What they enjoyed as toddlers aren’t the same thing they enjoy as teenagers, except for one thing. They still love to play hide and seek. It’s more challenging now, we play at night and turn off all the lights. The shrieks of laughter that fill the house as someone is getting found are priceless. Did you know that if you Seek the Lord, He will be found?

‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭28:9

As for you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father, and serve Him wholeheartedly and with a willing mind, for the Lord searches every heart and understands the intention of every thought. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you abandon Him, He will reject you forever.”

Sees Our Thoughts and Intentions

King David gives his son Solomon some of the most crucial advice a father can give a child no matter what they are going to grow up to be. In Solomon’s case, this wisdom is even more vital because he is taking over the throne. God sees the thoughts and intentions of everyone but holds leaders to a higher standard. A king that is being led by the Lord has nothing but the best interest for his country.

Serve Him WholeHeartedly

We should all want our children to know the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly. This doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with us modeling it in our own lives and then allowing them to do it alongside us. They need to see us reading our Bibles and praying. If you value other things in your life more than God, like your job or sports team, they will follow suit. Teach them to serve the Lord.

If You Seek the Lord He will be Found

If you seek the Lord, He will be found. There are no more comforting words in the Bible than this. We can cry out to the Lord, and He will answer. He is not trying to hide from us, nor is He putting obstacles in our way. All God wants is for us to seek Him. Go to Him today and pour out your heart.