Ready for Good Works

by | Oct 24, 2022

Be Ready for Good Works I Daily Walk Devotion

There was a lady who was praying for God to use her. She was grocery shopping, and God told her to buy an extra gallon of milk. She didn’t have the money or the need, but she was obedient. As she drove home, she drove by a home, and God told her to stop and give the gallon of milk to the family. She argued with God for a while. She didn’t know the family, and she was in a hurry. Finally, she relented and walked up to the house. After she knocked on the door, a mother with three small children answered. The lady told her that God told her to give her this gallon of milk. The mother started to cry. They had just run out of food and had no money, and she had cried out to God for help. The milk was just what she needed for young children. This shows you need to be ready for good works.

‭‭TITUS‬ ‭3:14‬

“Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful.”

Engage the Needs

There will always be needs in the church. The people need to be ready to engage in the most pressing needs. Ignoring those needs will cause them to be unfruitful. Why does Paul say this to Titus? First, God designed the church to be self-sustaining. There are enough resources to meet the needs. If there is a shortage, it is because people are not stepping up and using their gifts. Second, unused fruit goes bad. If the Spirit grows fruit in your heart, it must benefit the local church. If you are holding back, the church becomes unfruitful, and you become spoiled.

Ready for Good Works

You need to be ready for good works. How does that happen? By allowing the Holy Spirit to lead your heart to help others. If God puts someone on your heart and tells you to do something, go and do it. It might seem odd and intrusive, but you never know how God will use that situation. The Spirit has led me to help where the people have gotten mad at me only later to apologize for their pride and confess that it was precisely what they needed. If I had ignored the Spirit, I would’ve been unfruitful. Pray for God to make you ready for the most pressing needs.