Rescued and Transferred I Daily Walk Devotion

There are many cliffs near the beaches where I live. It is very common to hear news reports of stranded hikers who got too close to the edge and fell or who have climbed too high and can’t get back down. You will often hear sirens while relaxing on the beach because emergency rescue crews are rushing to save someone’s life. They bring them down from the cliff, and the hiker is then rescued and transferred to a local hospital. God sent His Son Jesus to rescue us from this dark world.


“For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son,”

Guard Yourself

The domain of darkness is another term for the world we live in. As soon as Adam and Eve sinned, Satan began to turn the world into a place where his darkness rules. Jesus came to give us victory, but the darkness still rages on. Fortunately, you have been rescued and transferred into the kingdom of Jesus. Now you are a foreigner on a journey to your homeland. You must navigate the treacherous path and guard yourself against falling in love with the ways of the world.

Stay Out of Trouble

The challenging part of being rescued is staying away from what got you into trouble. For Christians, that means not venturing into the old lifestyle you were in before. The temptation is to dabble in your old ways while heading towards heaven. That is a flawed formula that leads to disaster. Like the hiker who flirts with the cliff’s edge, you can get too close to temptation and stumble. Stay on the straight and narrow.

Rescued and Transferred

Are you thankful for being rescued and transferred into Christ’s kingdom? Do you realize what you have been taken from? Don’t romanticize the past or long for your old ways. Focus on what is ahead and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your steps. One day this world will pass away, and you will be in the presence of Jesus. That will make today’s struggles worth it.

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