Rich in His Kindness

by | Nov 20, 2019

Rich in His Kindness I Daily Walk Devotion

This world could use a lot more kindness. People are so mean nowadays that they have developed a term for it, “Cancel Culture.” The whole point of this is to point out what the person has done wrong, no matter how long ago it was, and use it to cancel out anything positive they are doing. If God treated us that way, He would have a lot of material. Instead, He chooses to be rich in His kindness towards us.

‭‭Romans‬ ‭2:4

Or do you despise the riches of his kindness, restraint, and patience, not recognizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?”

Crippled by Self-Righteousness

The church in Rome had some self-righteous people causing havoc. The sad thing is that they were guilty of the sins they were judging others. One of the dangers we all fall into is judging other Christians. It’s dangerous because we are often guilty of the exact thing with which we are critical. When we do that, we despise the kindness and patience of the Lord. God’s intent isn’t to judge us but to bring us to repentance. Sadly, today’s church full of people policing other’s actions and not paying enough attention to themselves.

Abundant Restraint

Have you ever thought that God is restraining what you deserve for your sins? If you haven’t, He is, and He is doing the same thing for the person you are judging. His kindness and restraint are so abundant that it is difficult for us to exhaust it. We can be so impressed with our self-righteousness that we fool ourselves into thinking that we are experts in calling others out.

Rich in HIs Kindness

Spend some time today thanking God for his patience towards you. It would also do you some good to repent over some of those repetitive sins you are struggling with. It’s a lot easier to be grateful after you have humbled yourself and begged for His forgiveness. When we are purposeful in our repentance and gratefulness, it makes us slower to judge those who are going through similar issues.