Stand on Your Character

by | May 13, 2019

Stand on Your Character I Daily Walk Devotion

Power corrupts people. Politicians maneuver so that they can obtain it and businesses do everything they can to maintain it. In the process, people sacrifice their character to get what they crave. Solomon shows us today that is it is essential to stand on our character.

‭‭1 Kings‬ ‭1:52

Then Solomon said, “If he is a man of character, not a single hair of his will fall to the ground, but if evil is found in him, he dies.

Premature Proclamation

Adonijah set himself up as king when David grew old. He had a group of fifty men run in front of his chariot proclaiming it to everyone in Jerusalem, It stirred some excitement in the city, but it didn’t move David. He called Bathsheba and Nathan the prophet and he acknowledged Solomon as the true king. While Adonijah was celebrating his declaration, the trumpet blew declaring Solomon the king. Nathan the prophet and Zadok the priest lead the assembly as Solomon rode on the king’s mule.

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We can exalt ourselves, and some people will notice and celebrate with us, or we can let our character speak for us and let others recognize us. As soon as Adonijah heard Solomon was the king he ran to the altar and clung to the horns seeking Solomon’s mercy. Solomon replied if he is a man of character he will not die. Every person rises and falls on their character. If our character is reliable, we stand the test of time, if it isn’t then we crumble at the first test.

Stand on Your Character

Stand on your character. Do everything in your power to preserve it. Our character is who we really are. It determines how we act when no one is looking. Do the right thing before God and by others and don’t seek your own personal gain. Too many times we are trying to maintain our reputation (what others think of us) more than our character. If we maintain good character, we have nothing to worry about.