Trust in the Name of the Lord

by | May 9, 2017

Trust in the Name of the Lord I Daily Walk Devotion

Walking in the darkness takes some trust. You have to trust your senses. Walking with Jesus takes trust as well. Isaiah tells us to trust in the name of the Lord. You may not know where you are going but as we trust in the name of the Lord we will find our way.

Isaiah 50:10

“Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of his servant? Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.” 

Do You Fear the Lord?

It is really easy to say you are a Christian and still walk in darkness. Isaiah hits it perfectly here by asking some tough questions. “Do you fear the Lord?” Is there conviction in your heart when you stumble and sin, or do you knowingly sin and feel no guilt over it? “Do you obey the voice of the Lord?” Are Scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit something that guides your steps? Finally, “Do you rely on the Lord?” Are you wracked with fear and doubt or do you walk with confidence knowing that the Almighty God goes before you?

Don’t Fool Yourself

These are really good questions to ask yourself. We could be fooling ourselves into thinking we are walking in the light when in reality we are walking blind. Obedience is the key to a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. Several times in Scripture He exhorted us not just to hear the Word but do it. But we could also be guilty of letting doubt and fear consume us and not letting our faith truly grow. We could go to church and sing songs about trusting in Him, we could hear sermons about the miraculous works He does, and still not trust Him.

Trust in the Name of the Lord

The Walk of Faith requires Fear, Obedience, and Trust. Start today by trusting the Lord. If your heart is full of fear take it to Him and ask His help with it. Doing this day in and day out will slowly transform your walk of faith. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step of faith.