Walk by Faith

by | Apr 12, 2019

Walk by Faith I Daily Walk Devotion

There is nothing as acutely painful as stubbing your toe in the dark or stepping on a lego in your bare feet. Something so small can render us useless for the next fifteen minutes. Most of the time when something like this happens it’s because we are looking where we are going. Much of our daily walk with Jesus is walking even though we are not confident what our next step is. That is because we are to walk by faith and not by sight.

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:7‬

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Don’t Get Caught Up in Looks

The Corinthians were consumed with how they looked. If you were good looking, you went far in life. If you weren’t, there was a lot of harassment. Paul received considerable flack because he wasn’t up to their standards in physical appearances. Because they were fixated on what they could see they had a hard time with faith. Paul tells them that faith is something we can see and we have to trust Jesus as we journey towards him.

Don’t Get Swept Away

Things aren’t much different today. We make many of our judgments by the images we see. Most of the famous pictures on Instagram are staged and but they aren’t real. For the Christian in this atmosphere, it is easy to get swept away in it. When everything we do is based on what we can see faith will always be a struggle. Our relationship with Jesus has to be based on our trust of him. What is in front of us may be intimidating but we need to trust that Jesus will get us through.

Walk by Faith

How do we walk by faith? It starts with understanding the power and sovereignty of God. He is in control and has all the means necessary to protect and provide for us. Next, we need to give our fear to him. Three hundred sixty-five times in the Bible it tells us “Do not Fear.” Most of the time it is followed by “I am with you.” Finally, we need to trust that God’s plans are much more effective than anything we can concoct. If you are a person, who has to have everything laid out before you step out then you need to ask God to increase your faith.