Anchor to the Cornerstone

by | Oct 28, 2022

Anchored to the Cornerstone I Daily Walk Devotion

For the longest time, our kitchen floor leaned a certain way. If something fell on the floor, it would roll till it hit the cabinets. It wasn’t till we had a water issue that our contractor discovered we had a cracked header, and if someone would’ve jumped hard, they would’ve fallen through. Our floor needed to be shored up with a new four-by-four header and cement post attached. After that, our floor was level. The church is to the anchor to the cornerstone, Jesus Christ, which keeps it level and true.

PSALMS‬ ‭118:22

“The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief corner stone.”

Tried and True

This psalm is what they call a Messianic psalm. It foretells something about the coming Messiah who will save God’s people. Here the psalmist is using a building analogy to say that the religious leaders during the Messiah’s time will reject him, but God will make Him the Cornerstone of the church. In Israel, they used stone to build their buildings because it was a resource that was in abundance. They would find a stone and chisel it into a perfect ninety-degree angle. This would be the cornerstone that they would set the rest of the stones of the building on, so it would be true.

Build Your Life on Him

Is Jesus the cornerstone of your life? When you build your life on him, nothing gets out of line. You can measure everything by Him, and everything will be true. If you don’t make Him the cornerstone, you will find out soon enough that you are out of “Plumb.” When that happens, your doors won’t shut properly, and everything will look off. Build your life on the cornerstone.

Anchor to the Cornerstone

Many churches are unhinging their foundations from Jesus Christ. They are hitching them to causes like progressivism and gender ideology to give the appearance of being more loving and accepting. They are finding that you can’t do enough to please that crowd, so their churches are empty and dead. When you keep your church anchored to the cornerstone, you weather the storms of the age.