Are You Still Waiting?

by | Dec 6, 2021

Are You Still Waiting I Daily Walk Devotion

Patience is in short supply. There is a growing sense of discontent in most people’s lives. People are angry and lash out and the slightest infraction. They are forced to wait against their will, and their temper is starting to boil over. Did you know that waiting is part of God’s plan for your life? It produces character. Are you still waiting for God to do something? Be patient. He is at work.

‭‭GENESIS‬ ‭18:10

“He said, “I will surely return to you at this time next year; and behold, Sarah your wife will have a son.” And Sarah was listening at the tent door, which was behind him.”

Promised Long Ago

Abraham and Sarah waited a long time for their son Isaac. Twenty years to be exact. Many times God had promised to make a nation out of Abraham’s family that would number as many as the stars in the sky and sand on the seashore, yet he is closing in on 100 years old, and she is getting close to 90. Now, the Angel of the Lord visits to tell them that they will be parents in one year. You can’t blame them if they are a little skeptical. Sarah laughed after she heard this.

Enduring Shame

Being barren was considered an act of God’s judgment against them. They, especially Sarah, had been ridiculed for not having children. Even though they were wealthy, they had to endure the shame of having no children. You may be thinking that being 90 years old was different back then, but it was still a long time to wait for your first child. Could you endure that long to wait for the promise of the Lord? Are you still waiting for God to fulfill what He spoke to you?

Are You Still Waiting?

Waiting is only bad in a worldly society. To God, a thousand years are like a day. His timing is perfect, and you need to learn how to be content in waiting for Him to act. Impatience only leads to distress. Sarah forced the issue, and a son was born to a handmaiden that she despised and mistreated her son. Learning how to wait isn’t easy, but it is necessary. Ask God to give you patience and focus on what He has given you to do right now.