Hearing the Voice of the Lord

by | Mar 23, 2020

Hearing the Voice of the Lord I Daily Walk Devotion

There are so many voices out there that it is hard to know who to trust. We can listen to those who share the same political views we do, or we can listen to our favorite celebrities. Hearing the voice of the Lord in times like these can be challenging. We need to weed through all of the noise and press into the Word of God.

2 Chronicles‬ ‭24:19

Nevertheless, he sent them prophets to bring them back to the Lord; they admonished them, but the people would not listen.”

A Failure to Connect

It’s not new that people don’t listen to the Lord. Israel had a habit of doing what was right in their own eyes. At first, God would send them Judges like Gideon and Deborah to bring them back to the Lord. That would help for a while, but then they would lapse back into their old ways. Beginning with Samuel, he started to send prophets. These were men who spoke for the Lord. At first, the people listened, but then as the kings became more brazen in their idol worship, they began to persecute them and wouldn’t listen. Because of that, God sent them into exile for seventy years.

At a Critical Junction

People still don’t listen to the voice of the Lord today. God has sent Pastors and teachers to lead and warn them, but they not only don’t listen, but they ridicule them. Sadly, it takes a national disaster for people to turn back to the Lord. We are at a critical time in the world where God is telling his followers to listen and repent. We have chased after our gods of wealth and comfort and forsaken the one true God.

Hearing the Voice of the Lord

Take these times of crisis as a time to get right with the Lord. He has given us multiple warnings, and we haven’t heeded them. Get on your knees and confess your sins. Don’t despise the conviction of the Holy Spirit but instead respond. Push the reset button on your life and jettison those things which aren’t necessary. As you do this, you will hear the voice of the Lord more clearly.