My Stronghold and Refuge

by | Apr 8, 2022

My Stronghold and Refuge I Daily Walk Devotion

Did you ever build forts when you were young? On rainy days my mom would let me and my brother transform one of the rooms in our house to make a fort. It would consume our whole day as we pulled out blankets and moved around furniture. We had tunnels, rooms, and secret escapes by the end of construction. Sometimes adults wish they could build a fort and escape from all of their troubles. While you may not have a physical fort to run to, you do have a stronghold in the Lord. David writes how the Lord is my stronghold and refuge.

‭‭PSALMS‬ ‭94:14, 22‬

“For the LORD will not abandon His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance… But the LORD has been my stronghold, And my God the rock of my refuge.”

Jesus is Your Refuge

Strongholds were a reality back in David’s day. Most people lived outside the city on their land to farm it and raise animals, but whenever there was an enemy threat, they would run to the city that was surrounded by walls and close the gates. It was a safe place that protected them from enemy fire. You have a stronghold you can run to when the temptation and attacks of the enemy come after you. Jesus is your refuge.

Immovable Rock

The Psalmist refers to God being their rock. Most cities were built on mounds of dirt called “tels.” Being elevated gave them an advantage when under attack. They could see the enemy sooner, and it was more difficult for the attacking army to ascend a hill. The rock mentioned here is to give you the picture of being unmovable. No matter what comes against it, it will prevail. If you run to the Lord, He will protect you and overcome anything set against you.

My Stronghold and Refuge

People will come, and people will go, but the Lord will always remain. He will not abandon you nor forsake you. Turn to Him, and He will protect you. Go about your business of providing for your family and doing your work, but when the attacker comes, remember that you have a stronghold in which to run. The Lord is my stronghold and refuge.

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