Out Into the Open

by | Aug 26, 2019

Out Into the Open I Daily Walk Devotion

Have you ever been hiking under the shade of trees and then come to a section of the trail that was doused with sunlight? It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the light. There is something that also happens to our bodies as we enter warmer temperatures. Coming out into the open sunlight gives us renewed energy due to the warmth. That is what God is telling the Israelites in this passage. Come out into the open where my truth and love exist.

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭45:19

“I have not spoken in secret, somewhere in a land of darkness. I did not say to the descendants of Jacob: Seek Me in a wasteland. I am the Lord, who speaks righteously, who declares what is right.”

No Hoops to Jump Through

The Lord is very clear you are not going to find Him in the dark crevices of humanity. He is out in the light. There is no hoop you have to jump through, mountain you have to climb, or secret passageway you have to traverse to find Him. The Lord has made it very easy to find and follow Him. He is out there declare what is right and speaking the truth. All who seek Him will find Him.

Don’t Be Exclusive

We, humans, make thing so exclusive. We want the knowledge that others don’t have, and the access others can’t enter. Jesus came that all might have life and have it abundantly. For some reason, this intimidates people. We have to force ourselves to see the world through the eyes of Christ. He doesn’t want anyone to perish but for all to come to a saving knowledge of Him. Other people act like the Gospel is some mystery that they can’t understand. To this, God scoffs because He isn’t hiding anything.

Out Into the Open

Come out into the open. Stop hiding in the shadows and wastelands of sin and wickedness. Let the light of Christ expose your sin so that you will come to repentance. Then allow His love cascade over you as He transforms your whole life. When this happens, sorrow is replaced with joy, and peace overcomes anxiety.