Refresh the Hearts of Others

by | Jul 22, 2022

Refresh the Hearts of Others I Daily Walk Devotion

One of the best acts we can do is refresh the heart of others. You can never fully know the struggles and pain people are enduring. When we come to encourage and strengthen them, it brings a breath of fresh air to their heavy hearts. A simple act of helping them complete a task can lift the burden, even for a brief moment. Look for ways to refresh the hearts of others.

Philemon 1:7 NIV

“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lordʼs people.” 

Encourage Others

Philemon was a prominent leader in the church in Colosse. The church met in his house. He was wealthy enough that he owned slaves, one of who was named Onesimus. He stole some money from Philemon and fled to Rome. Somehow he found Paul and accepted Christ. While Onesimus was helpful to Paul, he needed to go back to Philemon and make things right. Paul wrote a letter urging Philemon to forgive him and welcome him back as a brother in Christ. Paul knew that as an encourager of people that this was possible.

Refresh the Hearts of Others

Do you bring joy and encouragement to others? Philemon was a person who encouraged the saints and for that Paul recognized him. We should strive through love to be an encouragement to those around us. That means when we show love, it isn’t for our attention, but for the uplifting of others. Our mission in life should be to encourage those who are discouraged and down. By encouraging them to serve the Lord, they can see the joy return to their lives. Be a Philemon in your church and community. 

An Extra Blessing

One of the byproducts of refreshing the hearts of others is that we discover a blessing that is not found anywhere else. When you encourage and refresh others you will find that the blessings come back on you. There is a benefit in taking your focus off of yourself and giving to others. Look for people who you can lift up. Seek ways that you can renew their spirits. Be willing to sacrifice time and resources to make it happen. You won’t regret it.