Revive the Soul

by | Jun 26, 2018

Revive the Soul I Daily Walk Devotion

Life wears us down. The daily grind or work and responsibilities takes its toll. Add to that the disappointments that come along the way, and we can end up in a hole. Fortunately, God is able to revive the soul.  When we have run out of options and everything we have tried no longer works he can bring us back to life. Don’t lose hope today. Let him revive your soul.

Psalm 19:7 

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple;

God’s Amazing Handiwork

Imagine yourself in David’s sandals for a moment. You are a young boy out watching your father’s sheep. It is a lonely job as you lead the sheep to greener pastures and at night you are on watch against predators trying to get an easy meal. That would still leave a lot of time on your hands. As you laid there at night and looked up the heavens, you would become aware of God’s amazing handiwork.This Psalm declares the glory of God in both nature and the word. David was a student of both. Nature reveals the majesty of the creator. It is a gift for us to enjoy while at the same time being a reminder of what he has done. We shouldn’t worship it, but it should point us to the one who should be praised. The inner workings of the universe show the intricate details that God put into creating it.

His Ways are Bigger

The Law of the Lord is perfect. It has the power to revive souls and make the wise simple. When we understand how big God is and how small we are in his universe, it brings our life into perspective. We aren’t small or worthless in his eyes, but his ways are bigger than ours. For that reason, we can lean upon his word because there is wisdom there and it can revive the soul. It also has the power to take people who think they are wise and make them simple.

Be Revived

Let the Lord revive your soul today. He is able to remove everything that brings us down and replace it with new life. Take the step today. Ask him to come in and do a new work on your heart. Give him room to make the necessary changes. You won’t regret it.