Test My Heart

by | Dec 10, 2019

Test My Heart I Daily Walk Devotion

Ever since I turned fifty, I have been inundated with medical and insurance advertisements. My insurance company wants me to get a check-up, my doctor wants me to get a colonoscopy, and AARP wants me to buy their life insurance. Did you know that God desires to examine us as well? He wants to see how we are doing spiritually. As a believer, we should ask God to “test my heart.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭12:3

“As for you, Lord, you know me; you see me. You test whether my heart is with you. Drag the wicked away like sheep to slaughter and set them apart for the day of killing.”

Source of Conflict

Jeremiah had a tough job. He was the final prophet before captivity. His message wasn’t easy, and his audience didn’t appreciate him. When he spoke on behalf of God, there was a lot of criticism that followed. Here he is praying for God to do something to those who were making his life difficult. Have you ever had someone in your life that was a constant source of grief, and all you wanted is for God to take care of it?

You Know Me

Two things said here are of importance; “Lord, You know me” and “You see me.” These speak of the heart and actions of the person. God knows our thoughts, and He knows our feelings. He also watches our efforts and sees how we live. Jeremiah was confident those were both pure. Live in such a way where you can stand before God and be confident of how you handled yourself.

Test My Heart

The thrust of this passage is that Jeremiah wants God to test his heart. He knew it was with God and desired everything God wanted for His people. Every once in a while, it is good to ask God to “test my heart.” Our motivations need to be inspected by God. We need to measure it up against the truth of His Word and see where it is lacking. A heart that is out of step will eventually find itself separated and distant from its first love.