We Have a Choice

by | Oct 29, 2018

We Have a Choice I Daily Walk Devotion

So many families today are stretched too thin. Their schedules are crowded with activities and responsibilities that have them going from dawn until dusk. Fatigue is the norm, and there is this foreboding feeling that it is all going to come crashing down. Some families are looking for ways to get off of that rollercoaster. Today’s devotion shows us how. Joshua reminds us that we have a choice with what dictates our life.

Joshua 24:13-15

I gave you a land on which you had not labored and cities that you had not built, and you dwell in them. You eat the fruit of vineyards and olive orchards that you did not plant. “Now, therefore, fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness… choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Choose Today

At the end of Joshua’s life, as he completed his job of inhabiting the promised land, he gave an ultimatum to Israel. He told them to choose today who they were going to serve. He prefaces that decision with reminding them of all that God has done for them. God has given them land which wasn’t theirs and homes which they didn’t build. In spite of all of this, the Israelites still struggled with following the LORD. They chased after idols of other countries and forgot all of the blessings God has given them.

We Have a Choice

All of us can be guilty of this. We forget all that God has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ. We are given salvation, forgiveness, and righteousness through his work on the cross. The emphasis is on it being given because it didn’t cost us a thing. At the same time, we are prone to chase after the things the world says are successful, and soon we are giving all of our time and money to those pursuits. That is modern day idol worshipping.

Serve Faithfully

Joshua gives us a good reminder; “fear the Lord serve him faithfully.” We easily forget to fear the Lord. We forget how much our lives and eternity are in his hands. We get too busy with our busy lives and forget to serve him faithfully. Joshua took a stand and declared that his house would serve the Lord. They would make it a priority in their home and everything else would fall in line behind that. Remember who God is and all that he has done for you. Commit to serve him faithfully and don’t let the idols of today distract you.