Remain Humble

by | Jul 10, 2018

Remain Humble I Daily Walk Devotion

Famous people aren’t known for being humble. Once you get notoriety and fortune, it is difficult to remain humble, especially when the world is catering to you. Moses was in charge of a million people, yet he stayed humble the whole time. In fact, he was more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth. It is essential, no matter what happens to us, that we remain humble. Take a lesson from Moses.

­Numbers 12:1-3

Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses because of the Cushite woman he married (for he had married a Cushite woman). They said, “Does the Lord speak only through Moses? Does He not also speak through us?” And the Lord heard it. Moses was a very humble man, more so than any man on the face of the earth.

Wait on the Lord

One of the greatest leaders of all time is also known as the most humble. What makes this even more powerful is that he was being attacked by his brother and sister. Would you stand by and let your siblings attack you? They were challenging his leadership because of who he was married to. This shows us that we may never know why people are going to have problems with us. Moses didn’t defend himself or attack them. He waited on the Lord. This may happen to us as well. We may be attacked by our family, but remain humble because one day you will stand before the Lord and it will all be settled.

Think of Yourself Less Often

How do we remain humble? A humble person is one who doesn’t seek the applause of people or justice for being wronged. It is said that remaining humble isn’t thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less often. A humble person is one who knows he is in God’s care and that no matter what people say, good or bad, it is what God thinks that is important. A humble thinks of others before he thinks of himself.

God Notices

It paid off for Moses, but not his siblings. God noticed what was going on and he acted on it. Aaron and Miriam were called before God, and he came down in a cloud in front of the tent of meeting. He told them that he speaks in visions to prophets, but he speaks directly to Moses, how dare they question him. When the cloud lifted, Miriam was covered with leprosy. She was only healed because Moses prayed for her. That’s being humble.


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